Meet us

Brass for Peace aims to create opportunities for encounters between German and Palestinian musicians and at the same time wants to draw attention to the situation of Christians in the Holy Land.

This is why we offer tours to Israel and Palestine for members of German brass wind choirs every two years. Making music together with the students of Brass for Peace is part of the programme, as well as meeting people on both sides of the wall.

Moreover, it is very important that Brass for Peace students get to chance to meet young people from Germany who also play in a brass wind choir. For this reason, we organized a first project in 2015/2016 called Über die Mauer, in which such meetings came true.

Further encounters between German and Palestinian teenagers are enabled individually, for example during a language stay in the other country. Some of the Brass for Peace students currently study in Germany. We also try to connect them with brass wind choirs there.