Work in the ensembles

Together is better than alone! This is why we offer ensemble lessons even for the youngest, to make them play music together with children from the other schools. Since we have ensembles of very different performance levels, every child is challenged musically. Thus, their musical ears are trained as well. In each ensemble, there are clear rules and structures which make it easy to learn playfully and to integrate newcomers fast. Over the years, many good and long-lasting friendships have developed. Many musicians of the advanced ensemble have known each other since they were beginners, which gives them very strong bonds.
Yet, sometimes things don´t run smoothly and this is why reflections with the members take place every now and then. It is interesting to be a partner for the students from childhood until young adulthood and to accompany them all their way through adolescence.

Many of the beginners of the first years are in the meantime studying in different places or even abroad and had to stop their active membership in Brass for Peace. Some of them play in a German brass wind choir, others have quit completely. That´s a pity, but it´s also the way of the world. Still, maybe they will come back to Bethlehem one day and also back to Brass for Peace – who knows?