Über die Mauer

What is Über die Mauer?

Über die Mauer was a brass music exchange programme for Palestinian students of Brass for Peace (from the Bethlehem region) and young brass players from German church brass ensembles with exchanges in 2015 and 2016. The exchange took place in both countries. Rehearsing and performing music together served as a common basis to raise awareness for the needs of one another. Music is the connecting language that connects people.

During the exchange, the students lived together in youth hostels as well as with the families of the hosting group. To live with each other as equals is a unique experience within the intercultural context, an experience the participants won’t forget for their entire life. This valuable experience expands the point of view concerning their home country and their own culture.

There were numerous reasons why we decided to organize Über die Mauer in 2015 and 2016, as well as subsequent exchanges in the future: to connect through the shared passion of young adults to make music, in order to explore one another’s cultural backgrounds. We pursue to share the experience of a shared community through brass music and to practice music with joy. In this way, Über die Mauer is becoming the essential puzzle piece on the way from basic music-teaching to a German-Palestinian cultural youth work.


“Making music together creates a feeling of community, gives hope and a future and overcomes barriers.”

Prof. Matthias Höfs