The traineeship

The volunteers spend a whole schoolyear in the region. That such a year can be very diverse is described by them in their letters.
We are in need of new volunteers for every schoolyear. Here, you find the job advertisement for schoolyear 2024/25. Please hand in your application by November or December the year before. If you are interested or have questions, please feel free to contact Eberhard Helling ( or Monika Hofmann (
If you are chosen, you will be sent there in cooperation with the Berlin Mission. The traineeship follows the regulations of “weltwärts” and is accepted as FSJ abroad.

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Are you interested in applying as a volunteer with Brass for Peace? What is true for you?

  • You play a brass wind instrument quite well and have knowledge about other brass wind instruments as well.
  • You are between 18 and 27 years of age.
  • You are experienced in and with a brass wind choir.
  • You are experienced in conducting a brass wind choir.
  • You have some experience and fun with working with beginners and advanced students.
  • You´ve got basic ideas about how to teach playing a brass wind instrument.
  • You are generally motivated to work with children and adolescents.
  • You can imagine to work independently on “your own” project and to organize yourself.
  • You are motivated to adapt to a totally different culture and to learn the Arabic language.

The more often you can say “yes”, the higher is the chance to be selected volunteer with Brass for Paece.

Applicants are invited to a selection day which usually takes place in Hannover in the beginning of January. On this day, the applicant, the chairpeople of Brass for Peace, coach Volker Janssen and a representative of the Berlin Mission et to know each other personally. The applicant introduces him-/herself in practical units and selection interviews.
A decision is usually made shortly after the presentation date, no later than mid-January.

The Berlin Mission has collected a lot of experience in the deployment of volunteers to Palestine over the last few decades. This is why Brass for Peace cooperates with the Mission. The contract is concluded between the volunteer and the Berlin Mission. The traineeship underlies the regulations of an FSJ abroad and is accepted as such. This guarantees that future volunteers are employed in grown structures. Thus, the Berlin Mission is the contract partner and Brass for Peace is responsible for all other contents. All costs are funded by Brass for Peace, unless they aren´t borne through governmental subsidies or with the volunteer´s predefined deductibles.

The Berlin Mission organizes several preparation seminars which are compulsory for the future volunteers. In this way, the volunteers are best prepared for their stay in Palestine.

In addition to that, Brass for Peace organizes another preparation seminar in which the musical and practical work are topics.

A language course in Arabic has to be attended in Palestine.

During the traineeship, the volunteers are supervised by coordinator Carolin Modersohn. They also keep close contact to the chairpeople of Brass for Peace, Monika Hofmann and Eberhard Helling.

Furthermore, the volunteers are engaged in the traineeprogramme of the Berlin Mission in Talitha Kumi (which is where they also live) and take part in weekly meetings with a contact person and the other volunteers of the Berlin Mission. A personal mentoring programme is also part of the volunteers´ supervision.

Usually, Brass for Peace-coach Volker Janssen (high school teacher from Hannover) comes to Bethlehem once a year. He accompanies the volunteers very intensely through one of their weeks and gives precious advice.

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News: Aus der Region Bethlehem

Dona nobis pacem – give us peace! musical prayer

15. March 2022  

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Participants from Palestine, Germany, France, Sumatra (Indonesia) and Sierra Leone sing and play for peace in Ukraine and all crisis regions in the world.